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What To Expect
Yoxford Makers' classes are held in our spacious light filled studio in the heart of Yoxford.
Group sizes are limited to seven per class with Nancy Main as your teacher. We have seven wheels for throwing as well as ample space for hand building and sculpture.

The on going pottery classes will give you the opportunity to learn all aspects of the pottery process, from preparing your clay for use through to glazing your fired work.
One-off taster classes will give an introduction to various methods of making.
All classes are fully inclusive of clay, glazing materials and firing costs, extra charges will only be applied if an exceptionally large project is undertaken.

Working with clay is a practical hands-on experience, so please be aware of the need for long hair to be tied back, nails to be reasonably short and also to wear an apron and clothes that are not too precious to you, it can also be useful to bring an old towel. Clay washes out but can have a tendency to get about a bit!

Our spacious studio enables us to give space between working stations to allow for social distancing. There will be some sharing of facilities such as sinks, but regular cleaning and sanitising will take place as part of the working routine as well as between classes. 

Health and safety guidance will be given on your arrival at Yoxford Makers as part of your
It is your responsibility to clean and sanitise your work station at the end of each session.

If you would like to know anything else about our classes please get in touch through the contact page and we will be happy to help.
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