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About Us


Founded in 2021 by Nancy Main and Jason Vincent,

Yoxford Makers has been developed through a love for pottery, crafts and making. 


Both Nancy and Jason have spent many years using their hands to make in various capacities and

value the act of making as a way of reconnecting with ourselves, the world around us and a sense of purpose in life.

Nancy has been potting for more than twenty five years, beginning at an evening class whilst working as a teacher in Bristol. This ignited a great passion for pottery, leading to six months spent at Nelson Community Pottery in New Zealand whilst travelling the world.

In 1999 she set up a small studio in Bath before relocating to St Ives in Cornwall to join the prestigious Gaolyard Studios run by John Bedding, a previous apprentice with Bernard Leach. During this time she made her own wheel thrown and hand built work which was exhibited nationwide. She also taught pottery and ran various workshops, including team-building for groups such as the Nokia design team.

Through various life turns and three children, Nancy has continued her ceramics practise to varying degrees, exhibiting her work and teaching pottery, as an artist in residence at a secondary school and to groups of adult learners.


Jason has spent his working life with the most immediate of materials; food - as a chef, until recently here in Yoxford with Main's Restaurant. During his career Jason has also trained in the conservation and restoration of historic artefacts, as well as working with wood. With a friend he has built two 18ft wooden canoes which are sometimes found floating around the rivers of Suffolk !

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